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Visiting Mexico: Tips

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Biography of Rapha Cohen

Rapha Cohen is a tourism professional. He was born on May 13, 1985 in Paris. Son of a great traveler, since his early childhood, he has multiplied his travels with his parents. This situation has had a major influence on his academic and professional career. Travel and tourism are one of Rapha Cohen’s passions. He decided to make it his profession in order to share his experience.

Academic training

Being already sure of his choice as for the profession he wants to exercise, Rapha Cohen made the choice to pursue studies in tourism after obtaining his baccalaureate. That’s how he joined the prestigious 100% tourism business school, ESG Tourisme.

After four years of university studies, he obtained the diploma of Marketing and Development Manager after having followed a Master 2 management of event tourism. This is a level 7 title and is recognized by the State.
He completed his training with internships in several companies and other travel agencies.

Professional career

After obtaining his diploma, the young entrepreneur did not waste any time and immediately launched himself in the tourism business by creating a travel agency. His goal is to offer all travelers and globetrotters like him the chance to live unforgettable experiences.

In 2010, he decided to launch his company which is specialized in travel organization.
Claiming several years of experience in the field of tourism, he puts his knowledge at the service of all those who seek to live unique moments.

Tourism: more a passion than a profession

For Rapha Cohen, tourism and everything that revolves around it is a true passion. After having spent several years traveling around the world, he had the idea to create a blog to tell his adventures. He also shares his travel experiences. You can discover many tips to help people who dream of taking the sea to find the necessary information to help them succeed in their journey.

The blog is particularly addressed to all those who dream of leaving, whether for a vacation or a business trip, but who do not know how to organize themselves. Through this blog, he manages not only to share his passion, but also to provide all these readers with all the necessary information to allow them to live a perfect vacation.

The various products and other links recommended in the blog in question have been tested and used by its author himself. This is a sufficient guarantee for the readers about the reliability and relevance of the information that is shared on the platform.

It goes without saying that the blog works in partnership with several tourism professionals. It should be noted that the partner travel sites or companies that are cited and recommended in this blog correspond to the criteria and editorial line imposed by its author. Rapha Cohen always makes it a point of honor to check the relevance of the information and advice they provide to Internet users.